Choosing A Fly Line

choosing a fly line

Fly Fishing Line Reviews If trout only fed on food on the surface of the water, fly fishing would be easy. Since they feed in water as deep as almost 9 feet, fly fishing becomes a little more challenging. Especially, when it comes to selecting fly line. You need a … Continue reading →

Choosing A Fly Rod

bamboo fly fishing rod

Fly Fishing Rod Reviews Now before you run out to buy a fly rod, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a fly rod. These are some major factors in fly fishing. The first one is the kind of fish you will be fishing for. The … Continue reading →

Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing

best trout flies for fly fishing

Finding the best trout flies for fly fishing for someone is not an easy task. There are lots and lots of trout flies to choose from which makes selecting just the right trout fly even more difficult. Your selection depends on whether your present is for someone who prefers dry … Continue reading →

Travel Fishing Rods Make Great Gifts

Travel Fishing Rods Make Great Gifts

Travel fishing rods make great gifts since most fishermen don’t think about traveling and fishing until the last minute. Then the only rods that they have are too long to fit into their luggage or they don’t have a fishing rod case to put them in. Travel fishing rods usually … Continue reading →