Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig

Carolina rig vs Texas rig – when to use one over the other. Although the rigs are similar, they are fished under very different conditions. Watch the video below to find out how and when to use the Carolina rig and when to use the Texas rig.

Have fun using these two great bass catching lures.

When To Use Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig Video

Carolina Rig Fishing Setup

The Carolina Rig can be described as simply a variation of the standard, so-called “Texas Rig“. It is great for use with plastic worms or other soft bait.

Pre-rigged Carolina Rig

Carolina rig

Get these, they are a lot easier than making your own Carolina rig. Everything is already put together so you don’t have to find the individual pieces and then put it together. They come in a natural brass color or painted black and in either 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce sizes.

Carolina Rig Kit

A Carolina rig kit gives you everything that you need to construct a Carolina rig. Most expert bass anglers suggest using a heavier weight like 1/2 -1oz or more.

Slide the weight onto the line, follow with three plastic beads, a barrel swivel, and a leader line (somewhat smaller than the main line). What this allows the bass angler to do is to get the bait to ‘drop down’ to the bottom with speed and is especially recommended for fishing deep waters.

The movement of the leader allows the bait to swim and rise above the bottom, and fall slowly down. For most beginners Carolina rig fishing is easy to do and practice and is very versatile. With practice, your rigging and tackle skills will improve.

How To Carolina Rig A Worm Video

Texas Rig For Bass Fishing

hooks for texas rig

The Texas Rig is considered and named specifically for standard rigging with a plastic worm. Use a sliding weight, usually bullet shaped, and a hook sufficient for the size worm you have chosen.

How To Rig Texas Rig

When fishing with a Texas rig for bass, make sure that the hook is sharp and stick the point of the hook directly into the worm head, bring it out the side about 1/8 – 3/16″ below the entry, thread it again.

Rotate the hook around so the point is facing the worm’s body. Lay it over the side to see where it should enter in order to hang straight. Position the worm straight onto the hook if it is hanging.

Texas Rig How To Set Up Video

NOTE: if the worm is twisted, your line and action will pay the price and it will be less effective.

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