Zebco 33 Micro Combo

Zebco 33 Micro Combo

The Zebco 33 Micro combo is essentially a fishing rod and reel that is matched by the manufacturer for price, compatibility and performance. This combo comes with a Zebco 33 Micro reel and either a 2-piece rod or a balanced Zebco 33 micro telescopic spinning combo rod.

I prefer a 2 piece rod for everyday fishing. However a telescopic rod is ideal if you want a rod to pack in a suitcase, backpack or to just leave in your car or truck so that you are ready if a fishing opportunity arises.

I like the micro spincast reel. With 4 pound weight line the little reel makes catching any size fish a test of your fishing abilities.

I am not a big fan of the Zebco 33 micro triggerspin combo. It’s probably just me but I don’t find it comfortable to fish with. With some practice it would probably be a lot of fun.

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