3 Best Portable Fish Cleaning Tables

fish cleaning stations

These are the best portable fish cleaning tables based on customer comments and ratings. First of all, fish cleaning stations should be portable so that you can take them with you when you go camping, fishing, or on vacation. Also you should be able to fold them up and store them easily at home.

Most importantly, you will find that these fish cleaning tables are light weight so they are easy to carry. Some come with a faucet that you can attach a hose to. Also most of them have a separate sink so you can wash your fish as you clean them. Another plus is that the sink also has a drain hole with a pipe that you can empty into a bucket for easy cleanup.

In addition, most of these would also make an excellent portable camping table with sink. Another use could be as a game cleaning table.

Therefore as you can see, any fisherman would like one of these portable fish cleaning tables as a gift.

Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Outdoor Work Station

best portable fish cleaning tables

The Coldcreek portable fish cleaning table with sink is very strong and lightweight and should last a long time. Another plus is that it has 2 sinks – one deep and one shallow – with inserts for both which allows you to use 1 sink, both sinks or none.

Another thing that I really like is the hatch where you can attach a small plastic bag for your waste.

Also removable drain holes in each sink make it easy to run water into a bucket for easy cleanup.

Deluxe Fish Cleaning Camp Table with Flexible Faucet

Fish Cleaning Camp Table

The Deluxe Fish Cleaning Camp Table legs fold up which makes it very easy to store. It also has one sink and a very large surface where you can clean and filet your fish.

Finally it has a stainless steel faucet that you can hook a hose to. I like the idea of having a faucet, but it makes it harder to store and transport.

Tricam MT-2 Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Table with Quick-Connect Stainless Steel Faucet

Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Table

This Portable Camp Fish Cleaning Table with faucet is really nice and the one that I like. Similarly to the others, the legs fold up to make it easy to carry and to store.

Likewise, it has one sink and a faucet. I like that the faucet is stainless steel and that the faucet is easy to attach and easy to remove.

Furthermore the extra large cutting board is a really nice touch.

Stainless Steel Fish Cleaning Table

stainless steel fish cleaning table

Several people have asked about a stainless steel fish cleaning table with sink. So I found one that is really nice. This would be perfect for your garage or on a dock or really wherever you clean and fillet your fish.

However due to its weight, this fish fillet table is not portable so you will need to have a permanent location for it.

Portable Fish Cleaning Table Video

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