Top 5 Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures

Top 5 Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

I did some research and found the top 5 largemouth bass fishing lures. These are the lures that most bass fishermen have in their tackle boxes and the ones that they use to catch fish. Any of these would make great gifts for a largemouth bass fisher on your list.

Bass lures make great gifts because these are things that bass fishermen use and quite often lose or the lures wear out and need to be replaced. So you can’t go wrong when you give these as gifts.

This is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list of bass fishing lures, and isn’t intended to imply that these are even the best lures to have in your tackle box – though most bass fishers probably have some of each.

As you know new lures come out every year that are supposedly better at catching bass than anything that you are currently using. Some are, most aren’t! And if you look closely most of the new bass lures are just a modification on an older design.

Field & Stream magazine usually devotes an issue or two early in the year to new lures and the top largemouth bass fishing lures, so click on their Facebook page above.

Fishing With Alabama Rig

Alabama rig

✅ Sometimes something new does come along that is not only a novel design but actually becomes a mainstay for a lot of fishermen. The Alabama rig – also called an umbrella rig – is one such lure.

This bass lure was developed to mimic a school of shad or other small fish. Most of these types of lures have 5 wires. There are also some with 3 wires and even 2 wires.

Check your state’s fishing regulations to determine how many hooks you can have on your umbrella rig. The number varies from state to state.


Alabama Rig Set Up Video


How To Fish With A Rubber Worm

Rubber worms, also called plastic worms, are probably the most used largemouth bass lure and for good reason, they catch fish. They come in hundreds of colors that are designed to be used for different water conditions, weather conditions and underwater topography. Rigging a rubber worm is really easy. You can rig rubber worms in a lot of different ways and most bass anglers have their favorite variations.

When I first started fishing with plastic worms, red and purple were the colors of choice. Now the favorite color is something called green pumpkin.

Bass Fishing With Carolina Rig

I like to use rubber worms with a Carolina Rig. You can also use other soft baits if you want to try something different or if you aren’t getting any bites on the worm.

You probably have everything you need in your tackle box to set up a Carolina rig. If you don’t, then I’m sure that you can find what you need at your local tackle shop.

✅ You can also buy Carolina Rig kits that have everything that you need to set up your rig. These kits usually have hooks, beads, swivels and sinkers. Most kits do not include rubber worms or any other soft bait.

Below is a video on 2 ways on how to set up and how to fish a Carolina rig. He’s also going to give you his recommendations on what fishing line to use, what fishing rod you need and what hooks, sinkers, beads and swivels that he uses. Plus a lot of other good tips and information.

Carolina Rig Set Up Video


Texas Rig For Bass Fishing

✅ The Texas rig has probably caught more fish that any other fishing lure and is very easy to set up. All you need is a wide gap hook, a bullet sinker and some kind of soft bait – Yamamoto Senko rubber worms, crawfish, lizards, just about any soft bait will work.

Setting up this Texas rig lure is super simple and it has been around so long because it catches fish. Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to set up and use this largemouth bass fishing lure.


Texas Rig Fishing Setup Video


How To Use Spinnerbait For Bass

Spinnerbaits are another staple in a bass fishing tackle box. These baits are usually made using a wire frame with spinner blades attached to the top part of the wire and a lead head with some type of rubber skirt that partially covers the hook. Sometimes a trailer hook is also added.

The action and depth of this lure depends on how fast or how slow you retrieve the lure. These bass fishing lures also come in a lot of different colors and actions.

Spinnerbait Bass Fishing Video


Crankbait For Bass Fishing

bass fishing with crankbaits

Crankbaits are often fished somewhat like spinnerbaits. They come in a lot of different colors, shapes and sizes. The size and shape of the lip determines the depth that the crankbait will run when being retrieved in the water.

These are very versatile largemouth bass fishing lures and can be effective at catching bass under a number of different conditions.

Crankbait How To Use Video


Jig Fishing For Bass

bass fishing with jigs

If you have heard of flipping and pitching then you probably know how to fish a jig. Short range casting with a jig lure takes a lot of practice to get comfortable and good at it. Jigs can be as simple as a piece of metal with a hook attached to it but most have some sort of skirt and a weed guard for the hook.

The art is in matching the size, weight and color to the fishing conditions so that you catch those big largemouths.

Jig Fishing Techniques Video


Topwater Lures For Bass

fishing topwater lures for bass

Topwater lures are designed to cause a commotion or some sort of disturbance on the surface of the water. This could be splashing, popping or just rippling the water as the lure is retrieved. Just like the other bass lures, these come in a large array of colors, sizes and in the shape of foods that largemouth bass love to eat.

Topwater lures often look like minnows, frogs, mice or some kind of insect. These can be very effective if you know how to fish them.

Topwater Bass Fishing Video


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