Choosing A Fly Rod

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Choosing A Fly Rod

Now before you run out to buy a fly fishing rod, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a fly rod. These are some major factors in fly fishing. The first one is the kind of fish you will be fishing for. The rule of thumb is the heavier the fish, the heavier the equipment needed.

The second thing you need to consider is the body of water you intend to fish. Think of the difference between a babbling brook, and a roaring river. The differences are not just the motion of the water, but also the wind, the clearness of the water, and the distance you will need to cast to catch your target fish.

Last, but not least you will need to consider the action of the rod. Fly fishing rods are made to flex; each different from the other. They can range from slow to fast. In fly fishing it is important to get the feel of the rod. For a beginner probably a rod somewhere in the medium range would be the best starter.

bamboo fly fishing rod
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How Many Fly Rods

Anglers who have been fishing for years will usually have several different fly rods. Each rod is designed for a specific purpose. A number notes the size of the different rods. The larger the number the larger the rod. It also goes hand in hand with line to be cast. A 3-weight rod is able to cast a 3-weight line, and so on. You will want to remember that the rod is only a continuation of your arm. It is the line that gets cast not the rod. You will also need to keep in mind the weight of the fly. If the fly is too heavy the fly line will sag and will not cast well.

Fly Rod Action

Another feature to consider when purchasing a rod, is the flexibility or the action of the fly fishing rod. With a fast action rod only about 30 percent of the rod will bend. Where as, with a slow action rod about 90 percent of the rod will bend. A medium action rod is in the middle. The fly rod will bend about 60 percent. The fast action rod will cast farther than a slow action rod. The slow action rod will bend much easier than a fast action rod.

Fly Rod Material

Tailwater Outfitters fly rod
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The fly rods have made huge transitions over the years. They started out made out of wood, progressed to split bamboo, to steel, to fiberglass wrapped hollow wooden rods, to the graphite fly rods of today. With the making of the graphite rods came the faster action rods. The fast action rods are lightweight and use more of the tip to project the fly line. If the line is cast correctly, the rod does all the work for you. It is one of the main advantages of the fast action fly fishing rod; the person casting does less work.


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