small portable 2 man fishing boats

Small Portable 2 Man Fishing Boats

These small portable 2 man fishing boats make great gifts for anyone on you list that fishes. These two man fishing boats make it easy to go fishing just about anytime you want since most of them will fit into the back of a van or pickup truck. With these small 2 person fishing boats, […]

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water proof fishing tackle backpacks

Waterproof Fishing Tackle Backpacks

Waterproof fishing tackle backpacks are becoming more and more important to fishermen. Fishing backpacks make it so much easier to transport your tackle plus it leaves your hands free for other tasks. And since they are waterproof you know that your gear and tackle is safe from the elements and any mishaps that may occur […]

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fish rain gutter downspout extension

Fish Rain Gutter Downspout Extension

Now I will admit that a fish rain gutter downspout extension is not something that everyone would want or appreciate. I would like a couple for the  downspouts on my house but my wife would throw a “hissy fit” if she saw them. However we all probably know someone who would really love these. You […]

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portable color gps fishfinder

Portable Color GPS Fishfinder

Are you looking for the best portable color GPS fishfinder for someone on your gift list that really enjoys fishing? GPS fish finders are very important to someone who fishes from a boat and is really serious about catching fish. Most of the GPS systems come with cartography of the U.S. coastline, major inland lakes […]

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