Folding Fish Cleaning Table

Folding Fish Cleaning Table

This folding fish cleaning table may be just what you are looking for. Whether you use it as a fish cleaning and fillet table or as a camping table with a sink. It is easy to set up and break down.

It has three adjustable height settings (22.5 in., 29.5 in. 36.5 in.) which makes it easy to use no matter your height. Nothing is worse than having to fillet your catch on a table that is too short or too tall. Should be able to find your ideal height.

It is perfect for fishing, camping, hunting or use in your backyard as a portable potting table. It is foldable and really easy to store.

I like that the drain hose and spray handle have places on the underside of the table where they can be stored. With other units, you have to find places to store these items so they are often lost or broken.

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