Carolina rig black

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig

Carolina rig vs Texas rig – when to use one over the other. Although the rigs are similar, they are fished under very different conditions.

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Zebco 33 Micro Spincast Reel

Zebco 33 Micro Combo

The Zebco 33 Micro combo is essentially a fishing rod and reel that is matched by the manufacturer for price, compatibility and performance. This combo comes with a Zebco 33 Micro reel and either a 2-piece rod or a balanced Zebco 33 micro telescopic spinning combo rod. I prefer a 2 piece rod for everyday […]

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Best Fit Over Sunglasses for Fishing

The best fit over sunglasses for fishing will have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses cut UV rays and reduces glare. These are great for fishing in the bright sunlight. They help to block out the bright sun but allow you to see objects and fish in the water better than with just your regular glasses. Some […]

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Best Fish Finder with Side Imaging

The best fish finder with side imaging usually also comes with down imaging as well. Most also have GPS and maps built in. These show depth, water temperature, speed and coordinates so that you can save your good spots so you can get back to them on your next trip. If you are a novice […]

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2 Man Fishing Boats

2 man fishing boats are great if you fish small ponds and want to get on the water and fishing fast. Just load in your pickup – you’re fishing in no time.

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Electric Anchor For Pontoon Boat

If you are tired of cranking that winch handle to raise and lower your boat anchor then you need this electric anchor for pontoon boat. It will make all of your fishing trips much more pleasurable especially for the person doing the cranking. You should be able to install this unit in an hour or […]

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Topwater Bass Fishing Lures

There are a lot of different topwater bass fishing lures. Including top water frogs, bass poppers, buzz baits, stick baits, prop baits and a lot more plus a multitude of combinations.

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Bass Fishing Night Lures

I have never fished for bass at night but I was skimming through Amazon and came across these bass fishing night lures.

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Fish Cleaning Table For Dock

This fish cleaning table for dock makes it easy and convenient to clean and fillet your catch once you arrive back at your dock.

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