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Crappie Fishing Lures That Catch FishLooking for the perfect gift for a crappie fisherman. Give them crappie fishing lures that catch fish. Crappies really love live bait such as minnows, worms and many types of insects.

However it is a lot easier and much more convenient to use artificial lures. Just make sure that your crappie lure looks and acts like the foods that crappie eat – minnows, crawfish, and other foods that live in the area where you are fishing.

Jigs are a favorite artificial bait for catching crappie. They come in an almost endless array of colors, styles and sizes and most anglers keep a nice selection in their tackle box so that they are ready for any situation.

Other crappie lures that work include small spoons, spinners and crankbaits. Give these a try when your minnows and jigs aren’t working.







Crappie Fishing Lures That Catch Fish


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