Best Electric Boat Anchor System

best electric boat anchor system

Best Electric Boat Anchor System Reviews Have you ever fished in a boat with a cement block for an anchor. Believe me as a 9 or 10 year old kid, that gets old in a hurry. To make a long story short, when I was 9 or 10 my dad … Continue reading →

Wireless Remote Control Trolling Motor

wireless remote control trolling motor

More and more anglers are going for a wireless remote control trolling motor. These trolling motors make it easy to control your boats movements from anywhere on the boat. They also eliminate the discomfort and foot and leg pain that is sometimes associated with manual foot control motors. Most of … Continue reading →

Waterproof Cell Phone Cases For Fishermen

Waterproof Cell Phone Cases For Fishermen

Waterproof cell phone cases for fishermen make a perfect gift. Any time you have your cell phone around water, you know that there is a very good chance that you might drop it or it will somehow get wet.¬†Water is one of the biggest culprits in damaging or destroying cell … Continue reading →

Portable Color GPS Fishfinder

portable color gps fishfinder

Are you looking for the best portable color GPS fishfinder for someone on your gift list that really enjoys fishing? GPS fish finders are very important to someone who fishes from a boat and is really serious about catching fish. Most of the GPS systems come with cartography of the … Continue reading →