Choosing A Fly Line

choosing a fly line

Fly Fishing Line Reviews If trout only fed on food on the surface of the water, fly fishing would be easy. Since they feed in water as deep as almost 9 feet, fly fishing becomes a little more challenging. Especially, when it comes to selecting fly line. You need a … Continue reading →

Choosing A Fly Fishing Reel

Orvis Clearwater fly fishing reel

Fly Fishing Reel Reviews So you have selected a rod and now it is time to find the right reel to accompany the rod. A fly reel is not just storage space for the fly line. Your rod will help you fight the fish you have hooked, but the reel … Continue reading →

Choosing A Fly Rod

bamboo fly fishing rod

Fly Fishing Rod Reviews Now before you run out to buy a fly rod, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a fly rod. These are some major factors in fly fishing. The first one is the kind of fish you will be fishing for. The … Continue reading →

Top 5 Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

Top 5 Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

Best Bass Fishing Lures   I did some research and found the top 5 largemouth bass fishing lures. These are the lures that most bass fishermen have in their tackle boxes and the ones that they use to catch fish. Any of these would make great gifts for a largemouth … Continue reading →

Best Daiwa Saltwater Fishing Reels

Best Daiwa Saltwater Fishing Reels

These Daiwa saltwater fishing reels are made with a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates. Daiwa saltwater reels have an aluminum spool and a centrifugal brake system. Seems to work best with with fluorocarbon or monofilament line. The Daiwa fishing reels are the perfect reel if you fish from a … Continue reading →

Best Shimano Curado Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Best Shimano Curado Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Are you looking for the best Shimano Curado baitcasting fishing reels? The Shimano Curado is tougher, stronger and more powerful than ever before and is the best baitcasting reel you will find. This Shimano baitcasting fishing reel is available in various sizes for those who love to fish, whether expert … Continue reading →

Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing

best trout flies for fly fishing

Finding the best trout flies for fly fishing for someone is not an easy task. There are lots and lots of trout flies to choose from which makes selecting just the right trout fly even more difficult. Your selection depends on whether your present is for someone who prefers dry … Continue reading →

Best Electric Boat Anchor System

best electric boat anchor system

Best Electric Boat Anchor System Reviews Have you ever fished in a boat with a cement block for an anchor. Believe me as a 9 or 10 year old kid, that gets old in a hurry. To make a long story short, when I was 9 or 10 my dad … Continue reading →

Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Gift

Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo Gift

Finding the best spinning rod and reel combo gift can be somewhat confusing since there are so many choices. Rod and reel combos are usually matched up by the manufacturer to provide a good balance for catching most kinds of fish. A spinning rod and reel is usually considered the … Continue reading →

Finding The Best Ocean Fishing Kayak

sit on top ocean fishing kayak

Ocean fishing kayaks are usually much more durable than other kayaks. Ocean kayaks are built for comfort and speed. They have tall backrests because of the type of waves you will come in contact with. There also are more storage places that are great to keep your fishing gear and … Continue reading →

Fishing Rods Make Great Gifts

fishing rods make great gifts

Fishing rods make great gifts for any fisherman on your list. However there are a lot of different kinds of fishing rods – spinning fishing rods, surf casting rods, bait casting rods, fly fishing rods, ice fishing rods, trolling rods, deep sea fishing rods, and probably more – so hopefully … Continue reading →

What Are The Best Bass Lures

What Are The Best Bass Lures

You may be asking yourself, “What are the best bass lures?” Well if I was a smart alec, I would say the lures that catch bass. And that would be true but really wouldn’t answer the question. The best place to get such advice would be to ask someone who … Continue reading →

3 Best Portable Fish Cleaning Tables

best portable fish cleaning table

Portable Fish Cleaning Table Reviews These are the best portable fish cleaning tables based on customer comments and ratings. These fish cleaning stations are portable so that you can take them with you when you go camping, fishing, on vacation and you can fold them up and store them easily … Continue reading →